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Faker and Teela Wedding

Monday, July 25th, 2011

My friend Travis, the commissioner of both my Faker and Teela watercolor painting, and the Man-E-Faces vs. Shakespeare tattoo design, got married last Friday. I decided I’d create a Masters of the Universe wedding card that I thought both he and his lovely bride Lori would appreciate:

This is my third digital painting that I have completed in about a month and a half. Of course, by “completed” I mean “stopped working on”. This time, I had to be finished so I could print it onto a card and give it to them, which turned out to be only 2 days from when I got around to starting it. While there’s kind of a raw look to it, I think I prefer it to the ultra-smooth, air-brushed look to parts of my previous paintings. If you could see this larger and at a higher res, you’d notice there are actually brush stroke-type marks I made to approximate texture. I did this a bit in the other paintings, but then had sections of the other pieces which were overly smooth. I prefer to be more consistent in the future. My favorite part in this one is the veins on Faker’s arm. Let me know what you think. BTW, I’m hoping they open their card before seeing this blog post. I’d hate to have ruined the surprise.

Man-E-Faces vs. Shakespeare

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009

So I have completed my second Masters of the Universe-related piece of art in just over a year. This one is actually a tattoo design for the same friend I did the Faker painting.


My friend who came up with the concept of this design told me what he wanted me to draw, but didn’t really explain what was going on. All I know is that Man-E-Faces was an actor before briefly becoming a villain, and eventually joining He-Man and the forces Castle Grayskull. I am guessing this scene took place back in his acting days. It appears that he has a starring role in a Shakespeare play back when Willy was actually alive to direct his own productions. Man-E-Faces, sporting his monster face, seems quite upset at his director. Apparently, there are some creative differences that need to be sorted out.

My friend and I communicated very little during this collaboration. I don’t even know where he plans to put this tattoo. It is quite elaborate, so I think it needs an area the size of either a back or a chest. Hopefully he likes the work I’ve done, and that I will see the finished product some time soon. As long as its not on his ass.

Faker and Teela

Friday, September 25th, 2009

A friend of mine commissioned this piece as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. From a technical standpoint, it is not my tightest painting. However, because of the nostalgia for the subject matter, I am pretty happy with the overall content.


Faker, the robotic He-man impostor created by Skeletor, was quite a preposterous character. While his build and features were a dead-on likeness to He-man, his blue skin, orange hair, and visible Vader-like control panel on his chest made him a less than convincing decoy. In this painting, I like to think that Teela is fully aware that the man kissing her is Faker, but plans to play dumb so she can’t be blamed for cheating on He-man. Clearly, Faker is the better lover. The theme and composition of this piece is actually based on an old Christmas card, which is equally racy:


There’s no excuse for Santa’s behavior here. At least Teela and He-man weren’t married. Also, Faker IS actually supposed to be a villain. But children look up to Santa, and this is a poor example he’s setting. Anyway, I’m sure he got a frying pan to the back of the head when he came home that night. Who knew the Easter Bunny was such a home-wrecker!