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Faker and Teela

Friday, September 25th, 2009

A friend of mine commissioned this piece as a birthday gift for his girlfriend. From a technical standpoint, it is not my tightest painting. However, because of the nostalgia for the subject matter, I am pretty happy with the overall content.


Faker, the robotic He-man impostor created by Skeletor, was quite a preposterous character. While his build and features were a dead-on likeness to He-man, his blue skin, orange hair, and visible Vader-like control panel on his chest made him a less than convincing decoy. In this painting, I like to think that Teela is fully aware that the man kissing her is Faker, but plans to play dumb so she can’t be blamed for cheating on He-man. Clearly, Faker is the better lover. The theme and composition of this piece is actually based on an old Christmas card, which is equally racy:


There’s no excuse for Santa’s behavior here. At least Teela and He-man weren’t married. Also, Faker IS actually supposed to be a villain. But children look up to Santa, and this is a poor example he’s setting. Anyway, I’m sure he got a frying pan to the back of the head when he came home that night. Who knew the Easter Bunny was such a home-wrecker!