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Weird Al Meets Donkeyshines

Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

I was pretty psyched about how good my seats were at the last Weird Al Yankovic concert I attended. During “Wanna B Ur Lover”, he actually jumped off stage and got right in my wife’s face, staring creepily into her eyes. However, that’s nothing compared to how close my Twitter friend Dawn got to him.

Apparently, Dawn and Al both went to Lynwood High (in CA, I’m assuming) They are both still in touch with their former Physics/Calculus teacher who hooked Dawn and her son up with back-stages passes after a show.

Since Dawn was wearing the Donkeyshines Nessie in a Fishbowl t-shirt, I almost feel like I was there myself.  I don’t want to be one of those guys who tries to get celebrities to wear their shirts, but…wouldn’t Al look good with a Robot Penguin on his chest?

Robot Penguin Hoodies- Coming Soon

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009


The most popular Donkeyshines T-shirt is soon to be a full-zip hoodie as well. Living in the northeast USA, a person can only really show off a t-shirt for about 2 months out of the year. If you live here and you want people to know how you feel about penguins and their robot friends, you need to display it on something with sleeves and, preferably, a hood! I’m going to do an extremely limited run of about 100 unisex style fleeces. I’m going to use stylish Continental blanks. I’m going to sell them at redonkulously low prices, by high-end hoodie standards. Something in the ballpark of $35!

Note: When I initially decided to call this company Donkeyshines, I promised myself I would never use the word “redonkulous” to describe my products. That was a promise I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep forever. But here it is a year and a half after I launched, and I’m using the word for the very first time!

The Donkeyshines Models

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

One thing that Donkeyshines does differently than other t-shirt companies is uses paintings of models wearing the shirts rather than the usual photographs. There are several reasons why I wanted to do this. First of all, I wanted to do all of the creative work for this venture myself, and I didn’t want to bring in someone else to do the pictures. I don’t have a great camera, and am not a very good photographer, but I had recently done a painting of my girlfriend Vanessa that came out pretty well. She happened to be wearing one of my t-shirts, so it gave me the idea to do all of my product pictures in this way. I had also wanted there to be a mysterious, fantastic feeling to my site, and felt paintings would be the ideal way to express this. Vanessa happens to look pretty good in my shirts, and I thought it would be kind of a nice tribute to her if I made her the sole model for the women’s shirts. This is her in her favorite, the Gorilla and Duck t-shirt.


Since I use my girlfriend for the women’s shirts, it just made sense for me to use myself for the men’s shirts:


As you can see, I’m not working from the greatest photos. This is deliberate, as I want the painting to have a life of it’s own, and less detail in the photos forces me to be more creative. If the painting is going to look too much like a photo, then you might as well just use a photo. For the Robot Penguin design, I wanted the models to look like they were made of ice because I thought it fit with the arctic theme. I do try for a certain level of realism, but I don’t worry too much about facial likeness. Especially since I’m using the same two models for every painting. The one important thing I make sure to capture is the fit of the shirt and placement of the image so that customers know what they are getting when they buy one. I realize that even seeing a photo of one person wearing a shirt doesn’t tell you that much about how it will look on you, and I therefore think the painting gives you just as much information. In the future, I want to ad a gallery page to this site featuring photos sent in by customers of themselves modeling the shirts. Then you’ll be able to see a variety of different people in different situations wearing different sized shirts.