Webcomic Progress

Well, I finally finished the first page of my webcomic! See if you can figure out what’s going on from this single panel out of context:


I wonder if anyone has ever drawn a minotaur making that expression before. Anyway, it took months to come up with a story I really wanted to tell, but I have finally gotten the ball rolling. I actually took some elements from some of my story premises I posted here on the donkeyblog. I still need a title for the comic, a name for the url and I’ll still need to build a new site for it. I will be using a simple wordpress comic theme with some cusomizations. I have the first complete page posted at a temporary site here. Obviously this site is just a shell. At the moment, it only seems to work in Firefox, which is one of the things I need to work out before I actually launch. I also want to initially start with at  least 5 pages, so my first readers have something to sink their teeth into. It took a couple of weeks to make this first page, but I was still finding my style and figuring out my process. I hope to be able to churn out 2-3 pages a week once I get going. Stay tuned!

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