New Painting- Jesus Turtle

Now that I have a huge 12″ x 18″ scanner bed, it’s much easier for me to scan my artwork. Therefore, I can go back to showing works in progress without having to take crappy digital photos or composite scans. Here is the pencil sketch for my latest painting, The Jesus Turtle:


In an effort to save time, I was considering doing a mixed media piece instead of a full-on painting. I thought of just using graphite for the faces and arms, and then acrylic paint for the t-shirts. However, since I ended up buying gesso board instead of illustration board, I decided I should do it all with paint. For one thing, graphite does not work well on the solid surface. It’s like trying to write on plastic. Secondly, I figure since the gesso boards are 3 times as expensive as illustration boards, I might as well use the medium for which it was intended. So now, with all the other stuff I have to do these days, I am not expecting to finish this before February. But at least I’ll get to show y’all updates as I go along! Incidentally, The Jesus Turtle T-shirt is our Shirt of the Week, and is on sale for $13.99 through Sunday, 1/17/10.

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