Getfit T-shirt Design

For the past few years, I have been doing this 12-week fitness program through MIT, called Getfit. I’m on a “team” with Vanessa and 4 other of our friends. It’s really not supposed to be competitive, all it requires is that you keep track of all of the minutes you spend exercising each week. For me that is always a lot of minutes, but it doesn’t really matter too much. Anyway, each year they have a t-shirt design contest to come up with the shirt they’ll give out to all the participants. I entered last year, and did not even get nominated. This year, I am hoping to change that. Here is my entry:


So in case it is unclear, that is a fitness machine, along with two figures at “before and after” stages of the fitness process. I am actually really happy with it, and would  wear this shirt even if I had no affiliation with Getfit. We’ll see how it goes. In addition to all the prestige that goes along with winning this competition, the winner also receives an iPod Touch. That would be a nice thing to get for free. Wish me luck!

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