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New Uneetee Submission

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

My latest t-shirt design, entitled Raptors: Then and Now, has been approved by and entered into their Design Contest. The winner will receive $1000 and have their design printed and sold. Most of the designs submitted are pretty elaborate, and in the past I’ve submitted graphics with multiple colors in order to appeal to the tastes of site’s voting members. This time, however, I wanted to see how my subtle, single-color style would fare against the more complicated and colorful entrees. The good news is that, if it doesn’t win, I can print it myself as-is without having to make any modifications to fit the Donkeyshines style. Check it out, and vote for it if you like it. You’ll need to register with Uneetee to vote, but its a pretty quick and painless process. They have a lot of fun designs, and I think it’s worth being member.


I chose to draw a non-specific bird of prey so I could be free to stylize it any way I wanted. In the case of the velociraptor, I decided to go with the depiction we’re familiar with in pop culture. It is now known that they were likely covered with feathers and were only the size of modern-day turkeys. The real velociraptor was probably not nearly as menacing as they are in the movies, and it would not be as ironic to see one carried off by a lil’ birdie. Although I’d be pretty impressed to see an eagle taking down a wild turkey.