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My Latest Uneetee Submission

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

Donkeyshines is a pretty specific brand and style. When I want to venture outside of that style, I often submit a design to Uneetee or Threadless to see if I can win their weekly contests. Currently, I have a design up for voting at Uneetee:


There are about two weeks left in the voting, so if you happen to like this design, you can go and vote for it. So far I’ve gotten pretty good feedback about it. A lot of people don’t care for the choice of the light blue shirt, but I actually like it. Partially for the obvious effect of giving the animals a “water” background, but also, I think a lighter color makes the design more subtle. Also, I just don’t have any light-colored shirts, and I figure the summer is a good time to make one.