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Jon and Loretta and the New T-Shirt

Sunday, February 15th, 2009

It took a few days, but I was finally able to catch up with Jon and Loretta so that I could photograph them in the Monkey and Bulldog shirt.


It was actually Valentine’s Day last year that Jon and Loretta got engaged, so it was neat to give then these shirts to commemorate that. It is especially nice for me since they are both my roommates, and since I actually was the one introduced them! They thanked me with a copy of the Indiana Jones DVD box set, so the least I could do was make them their own t-shirt. I think the photos came out pretty good, and I am excited to start the painting. As with the Pterodactyl Birdcage, I will be posting the progress each day that I actually work on it.  I’ve also decided to extend that $21.00 intro price through President’s Day weekend. If it’s an important enough holiday for new cars to go on sale, I figure it should work for t-shirts, too. I’d like to suggest that, if you are on the fence as to whether you should buy my shirt or a new car, you consider that my shirt is printed on eco-friendly bamboo/organic cotton whereas the car will be burning lots of gas and ruining the environment.

New T-Shirt- Monkey and Bulldog

Sunday, February 8th, 2009

Here’s the first new Donkeyshines T-Shirt of 2009:


The illustration is somewhat based on an actual live monkey rodeo show.  I wanted to evoke a bull ride as opposed to a sort of cattle drive, hence the specific choice of the bulldog. The real inspiration for this design, though, is closer to home. I made this in honor of my two friends who are getting married in September. Jon happens to get giddy as a school girl at the sight of bulldogs, while Loretta is a gushing fan of all primates. When I give them their shirts, I will then use them to model for the painting on the product page. I will post photos here in a few days. No need to wait for the pictures, though, as the Monkey and Bulldog shirt is already available. Between now and Valentine’s Day, you can buy this nice soft bamboo/cotton T for the low introductory price of $21.99!