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New Year, New Low Prices

Tuesday, January 5th, 2010

I’ve always considered the prices at Donkeyshines to be fair, reflecting the cost of the high quality blanks I use. Part of the reason costs are so relatively high is that I print small runs of about 100 shirts at a time, as this is all I can really afford. $24.99 for silky soft, environmentally nice bamboo/organic cotton blend is pretty reasonable, as is $19.99 for soft, fashion-forward cotton shirts. When all costs were considered, I wasn’t even making 50% profit on these as it was. And if these prices were too high for people, I always had a Shirt of the Week for $16.99, and regularly offered high % -off coupons. However, towards the end of last year, I found a new cotton fashion blank that is about 25% cheaper than the ones I had previously been using. This will allow me to perminently lower prices on all my shirts from now on. Even though the prices of the bamboo blanks haven’t come down, I can lower the selling price of these because of the money I am saving on the cotton shirts!  So from now on, The cotton shirts are going to sell for $16.99 and the bamboo shirts will sell for $19.99. By the way, the new cotton blanks I’m using are from Next Level Apparel, and they are not only less expensive than the ones I was previously using, but they’re softer and fit better as well. I’m so excited about the new shirts, that I have already put in an order for my latest design:


Look for brand-new Dino Volleyball shirts by the end of this month! Also, in 2010, look to see some classic designs like Donkey Pegasus and Gorilla Duck graduate from cotton to bamboo!

Worst Volleyball Players Ever

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

I made a new t-shirt design this week:


I am not sure what I will do with this design. I may enter it at Uneetee, or I might just print it directly myself. I am waiting to hear back on a few more price quotes for blanks. Depending on which I decide to go with will determine which new design I print. If not this new design, then I will finally print the Jesus Turtle design which did not win at Uneetee. We will see…