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Tales from the San Diego ComiCon

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Kaiju has had a booth at the San Diego Comicon for many years now, but this year we finally did a live show for our fans. All things considered it was an extremely successful adventure.  We monsters arrived Friday afternoon, having already missed a day of the convention. Most of us were tired and hungry and didn’t really want to deal with the crowds and commotion. After a $17 burger at the Hard Rock (part of our hotel), I was the only one willing to get out there onto the floor. About an hour is all I had to walk around and explore. 20 minutes of that, I was trapped in the Hollywood section, unable to move through a sea of Boba Fetts and Storm Troopers and people taking their pictures. I didn’t mind, as the costumes were really impressive. Soon it was time for me to return to the Kaiju booth and promote the show.


We eventually had some good Mexican food, and hung out for a while. Upon returning to the Hard Rock it was celebrity siting time. Apparently, Stan Lee was giving some sort of talk, and folks like Seth Green were in line to get in. At least I think they were in line, it was hard to tell what was going on. I was a party popper and just went to bed. We had a show to do the next day, and there was the jet lag and stuff. There more celebrity encounters, including a fight outside of Ron Jeremy’s room which happened to be right next door to one of ours. I missed most of this, as I was either wandering around San Diego, or napping. Or eating. I wish I could have spent more time at the Con itself, but we didn’t have enough badges for everyone and they were hard to track down. I also didn’t want to get stuck handing out show post cards for hours either. Speaking of postcards, I think Louden Noxious handed one to Alice Copper, but I don’t think he came to the show.

The show itself was the most satisfying part of the trip for me. It went down in this big poorly ventilated former Wonder Bread warehouse, appropriately called Wonderhaus. It was big and poorly-ventilated. The ring was set up by noon, and we were all in there going over our matches, getting a feel for things. As usual, they fed us way too close to showtime, but we were greatful to be fed at all. The rest, you need to see for yourself. Eventually, Kaiju will release a bootleg DVD of the entire show. Until then, we’ll have to settle for fan footage that shows up on YouTube.