Gorilla Hot Tub

Here’s my latest digital painting, created for my wife’s birthday. I admit I did not finish in time, but that’s because of the ellipses…


Prior to actually beginning this piece I spent hours and hours watching tutorials on Lynda.com in attempt to learn how to draw in perspective using Photoshop. I am a slow learner, and in the end, I am not positive I actually got those ellipses drawn accurately. There’s lots of measuring and tiny lines and dots that are hard to keep track of. Sometimes you have to zoom out to 10% of your image size because the vanishing points are so far apart. From that distance, all the tiny dots and lines blend together and you can’t really see anything. Anyway, I did my best, and have come terms with the fact that, while “close enough” could lead to crooked houses and law suits if I were an architect, it’s just fine for an illustrator.

As always, drawing the gorilla was the easiest and most satisfying part. Drawing all those bananas, on the other hand, was quite mind-numbing. My wife counted about 75 bananas in the foreground alone, and each was individually drawn. I suppose I should watch some more digital painting tutorials to see how other illustrators do things like that, as I have a feeling my methods aren’t the most efficient. Anyway, here’s a detail:


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