September Caption Contest

Congrats to Ryan Sawyer for winning the August Caption contest! Now, here’s the drawing for September’s contest:


I wanted to do one more summer-ish drawing before my favorite season ends. What says summer more than a dad risking his life to get his son’s baseball back from a hungry lion? Write a caption in the comments section of this post to win a free Donkeyshines T-shirt. Remember to get your friends to “Like” your caption, because the caption with the most “likes” by the end of the month is the winner. While they’re at it, make sure your friends “like” the Donkeyshine Facebook Page as well. Best of luck to all the caption contest participants. Like always, I look forward to reading the wacky shit you come up with. Reminder to past winners- You are welcome to participate and try to win again! Like always, I cut and pasted the last few sentences from the previous month because it is tedious to type out the rules each month.



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