May Caption Contest

Congrats to Mathew Biondolillo for winning the April caption contest with “And that’s when Jake realized that Sally was not only the bustiest, but also the most violent six year old he’d ever stolen cake from.” Nice caption-writing, Mat. For May’s contest, I thought it would be appropriate to use an illustration that was originally a Mother’s Day Card. In case you were wondering, yes I actually did give this card to my own mother. And no, nobody ever bought one of these back when I was selling them.


I know this isn’t my best work, technically speaking, but come on! There’s a kid shitting in a fish tank! OK, folks, let’s see some captions. This one should be easy…

As usual, the caption with the most “likes” by the last day of the month wins a free Donkeyshines T-Shirt. Spread the word, vote, get your friends to vote for your caption.

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