Underwoman and the Believers

I have awesome musician friends in a band called Underwoman and the believers. Currently, they are climbing up the rankings in a contest that could land them recording studio time with a Grammy Award-winning producer. Basically, this stage of the competition involves straight-up social media hits on pretty much all the major outlets, and even some older ones you may not realize exist. Anyway, check out this beautiful song. Then, go to as many of the following links and like or follow or whatever the specifics call for. Thanks, y’all! We artists have to stick together.


1. Underwoman and the Believers on Facebook


3. https://twitter.com/underwomanbelie

4. https://soundcloud.com/underwomanbelievers

5. https://vimeo.com/underwomanbelievers


6. http://www.myspace.com/notesfromunder

You guys are awesome, thanks in advance for voting n’ stuff!


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