Mumm-Ra vs. Gargamel Finished!

So I finally finished my first real digital painting. And by “finished”, I mean I’ve grown tired of working on it.

I’ve learned that its even more tempting to work on a digital painting forever than it is with an actual painting. Maybe because you never run out of paint.  Although, I suppose in theory you could run out of disk space if the file is too huge. Anyway, I learned a lot with this. I did a lot of things ass-backwards and made a lot of extra work for myself. I’m not even sure if I’m using the best Photoshop tools, or if I’m layers in the most efficient way and all that. It sure took me a long time, and I am not really satisfied with the background. I got pretty lazy about it, actually. There’s just a brick wall, a half-assed ceiling and floor, and a big caldron full of molten Smurfs, I guess. And Gargamel apparently stirs is soup with that tiny spoon he’s using to clobber Mumm-Ra. Aside from the caldron, though, the room is just big and empty. I suppose next time I should give more thought to the overall composition BEFORE I start. Not sure what I’ll paint next…

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