Angelina Jolie vs. A Basket of Kittens finished!

It took me longer than I wanted to, and there are probably things I would still fix. Sometimes you just have to stop and say it’s finished, though. Otherwise you could wind up working on a  painting forever. Anyway, here it is:

I am still trying to figure out if it is a good likeness. I didn’t paint from any one photo of Jolie, thinking it would be more original to use a bunch of different reference. Plus there was no photo of her in the exact right pose. I think the likeness looks better when you see a detail:

The gloves, basket, bow and body are mostly painted from imagination. Here is a detail of 2 of the kitties:

This falling kittie is my wife’s favorite part of the painting:

I plan to make this painting available for sale. I looked into the legal implications of selling artwork featuring celebrity likenesses, and I think I’ll be OK. Especially since the face can’t be traced back to any particular copyrighted photograph.


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