Mumm-Ra vs. Gargamel

Things have been kind of crazy as of  late, and I’ve found myself feeling somewhat uninspired. I have been plugging along on the webcomic Mirthless Myth, and although I am satisfied with how it is coming along, I was feeling a bit of the writer’s block. Then suddenly today I got an idea that has made me somewhat excited. I will start doing some wacky paintings featuring some pop culture icons, mostly characters from from toys and cartoons I liked growing up. I got so excited about this first idea that I got right to work on the sketch for it:

Yep, that is Mumm-Ra from The Thundercats vs. Gargamel (with Azrael) from The Smurfs. I am not sure when I will actually be able to start paining, but hopefully it will be soon. Keep checking back here to see my progress.

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