Chinese New Year/Valentine’s Day 2010

Here is the card I made Vanessa for Valentine’s Day this year:


In case it isn’t obvious, this is supposed to be a reference to the famous scene in the Disney movie, Lady and the Tramp. The gorillas were supposed to be nonchalantly looking away, just as they do in the movie right before they accidentally kiss. However, here it looks as though they are breaking fourth wall, anxiously waiting for the viewer to go away so they can eat their banana in peace. While this wasn’t what I was going for when I drew it, I think its kind of funny.

Here is the card Vanessa made for me:


Today is both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year, and CNY actually has special significance for the wife and I. We started dating on Chinese New Year 5 years ago. While the date of this holiday changes every year, we like to observe it as one of our anniversaries, along with the day we met, and our actual wedding. Vanessa did a pretty good job drawing the dragons, didn’t she? She is a biology instructor at MIT, and I always say that she’s way better at art than I am at biology!

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