Painting Progress

It has been a crazy month or so. I got married, found an apartment, began moving, and took on a freelance project, all while maintaining my capoeira training and obsessive workout regimen. While it has all been very exciting, I have found that, during all this, I have had very little time to work on my current painting- The Black Cats t-shirt models. I started this in mid-May, and here is all I’ve done so far:


I am liking how its coming out, which is a good thing. When I don’t like how a painting is looking, then I don’t have  fun working on it. When I am not having fun, then it is extremely difficult to stay motivated.  As it is, my painting endurance is lagging these days. That means, even when I have the time, I can only sit and paint for about an hour before getting distracted and/or mentally drained. The part of my brain responsible for attention span needs exercise just like the rest of my body, and it hasn’t been getting it. Having so many things going on at once is sort of an excuse not to be focused. I secretly love having an excuse not to focus, and I find it difficult to fight this urge. I’ve been telling myself that once I am in my new  apartment, I will be able to get back into this painting. It is all about momentum. Eventually, I hope I reach a point where I don’t want to wash my brushes after 3 strokes of paint have been applied. I bought a new Bob-o-pedic bed, so maybe I’ll start getting better sleep. I hear sleep is good for helping you concentrate and stuff.

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