Aska Yang Part 2

I am happy to say that my new mother-in-law really liked the Aska Yang portrait. She seemed to appreciate the effort that went into it.  As I mentioned before, my concern was that the likeness would not be strong enough, but apparently it was satisfactory. I thought I would include here the two photos I used as references, so you all can compare them to the painting shown in the last post.


I liked the face in the first photo, as it was more naturalistic, and he wasn’t wearing any make-up, etc. However, I wasn’t crazy about his outfit, and the fan he is holding is somewhat in the way. I sort of liked the yellow jacket in the second one, but didn’t have time to include the details. Also, I didn’t want him to be bare-chested, so I added a white undershirt. Looking at the photos side-by-side, the faces could almost be of two different people due to the variation in the amount each was touched up. I didn’t know which looked like the real Aska, but because my mother-in-law had seen him in person, I went with the one that seemed less worked. In addition to the actual painting, I send her a jpeg of the scan so she could share the painting with her friends in the Aska Yang chat room. Hopefully, I’ll get their feedback as well.


2 Responses to “Aska Yang Part 2”

  1. Ryan says:


    Good to see you here.

    We share whatever with your mother-in-law in the Aska Yang chat room almost every day. She talks to us about her family sometimes, so we can feel that she is very proud of you.

    You know she can’t wait to show us what you did for her after your wedding. Actually we found your blog and knew it before she told us. ^__^ How nice and considerate you are!
    We all love your portrait. Good painting!

    Hope we can see your family come back with her this summer vacation. Have a sweet day with your wife!

    Merry from Taiwan

  2. Ryan says:

    Thank you! I am glad you like the portrait!