Monkey and Bulldog Models- Day 9

So the painting is “done”.


“Done” is in quotes because even after I photographed this, I saw something that needed fixing. I made a smoother value transition in the upper left corner of Jon’s shirt. The tricky thing about acrylics is that they look lighter when they are wet, so what looks like a smooth transition now might actually not be. So I will have to wait until later to see if I’ve actually solved the problem. I have to wait until later to actually put it on my scanner, since the paint is still sticky. Ultimately, photos of the painting just aren’t clear enough to use for my product page, so I’ll have to scan it. I think even if that value transition isn’t quite right, I will stop working on this. I’m never going to be completely satisfied with it, but eventually you have to just accept it as it is and move on. See Finished Painting.

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