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Cereal T-Shirt

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

I actually purchased this one directly from General Mills. 3 proofs of purchase and 5$ cash!


It’s way too small, and printed on a not-so-soft Gildan shirt, so it’s not comfortable enough to wear regularly. The low-end production quality ads to it’s charm, though. It’s an old-school transfer on a crappy blank, so it looks and feels home-made. It doesn’t even have the General Mills logo or any trademark notice anywhere on the shirt. I’ll bet they printed less than 500 of these, and I certainly have never seen another one in person. However if you are nerdy enough to have seen “Comic Book: The Movie”, you can see one of the actors wearing this shirt during one of the interviews in the DVD special features. This gem of a movie was written and directed by Mark Hamill, and primarily shot at the 2003 San Diego Comicon, so I highly recommend it to all nerds. Not that seeing the Cereal Monsters t-shirt isn’t enough of a reason to check out the flick. After all, who doesn’t love Frankenberry, Count Chocula, and Booberry? Fruity Yummy Mummy, on the other hand, can go fuck himself, for all I care. Na, I’m kiddin’. FYM isn’t such a bad guy. I feel bad for him, cuz his cereal was “discontinued” on account of it being so terrible.

Meat, The Press!

Sunday, January 11th, 2009

Here’s another strange T-Shirt I found at the Latham Salvation Army many years ago.


When I got it, this was a very lived-in shirt. It was worn out and full of holes, which is probably why I only paid $0.25 for it. My question is, who likes the news show Meet the Press enough not only to buy this shirt, but to WEAR it regularly? Another question: Did Ted Koppel once have red hair? It’s hard to believe that the cartoonist behind this shirt would get a detail like that wrong.

My T-Shirt Collection

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Even before I was making my own t-shirts, I was know for having quite an amazing collection of strange tees. The best part about this collection was that all of the shirts were found at the Salvation Army in Latham, NY. Unlike the tongue-in-cheek throw-back references to old pop culture that you find on shirts in trendy stores, the stuff I found at the Salvation Army was genuine and without intentional irony. Some of them were just so ridiculous that it made me really wonder about the shirt’s story. Why was it made? Why did the original owner buy it? Here’s an example:


and on the back:


Clearly, this shirt was printed for some fundraising event in connection with the Saratoga Hospital. Knowing this, however, does little in explaining the imagery on the shirt . What do sharks in a thunderstorm have to do with fundraising? What is supposed to be fun about fundraising and/or sharks in a thunderstorm? Mysteries such as this were why I always felt like an archeologist when I stepped into that Salvation Army. I never knew what strange relics I would uncover.