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Who Are the Girls on This Weird T-Shirt?

Sunday, January 18th, 2009

Finding a totally personalized shirt at the Salvation Army was always interesting. Especially ones with photos of actual people:


This shirt is a custom iron-on transfer, most likely made at a mall. The first question I have is why was this made? Are these three girls sisters, making this shirt as a gift for a parent or something? If so, they must have very tiny parents, as it was really tight on me, and I’m 5’7″, 140 lbs. I can barely move my arms in it. Maybe they made it to commemorate a vacation they took together, or just their friendship in general. If so, did they only make one? Are there two more of these out there somewhere? The next question I have is how did it end up in the Salvation Army? If they gave it as a gift, it’s kind of shitty that the person got rid of it. Maybe the girls had a falling out, and wanted to get rid of all traces of their former friendship. Of course, it could very well have been discarded by someone who was cleaning out the attic and was unaware of it’s sentimental value, or just didn’t even notice it in a pile of other junk they were tossing out. Wouldn’t it be weird, though, to be walking down the street one day and see some stranger wearing a t-shirt with a picture of you on it? I always hoped I’d run into one of them some day. I wonder how old they are, and how much time has passed since it was made. Whenever I wear it, people always ask me who they are, which is a fair question. I always tell them that the girls are just the backdrop, but the parrot is a friend of mine.