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Review: Stone

Thursday, October 7th, 2010

Of all the post-70’s TV show Hulk movies, Stone may be the most intense. Ed Norton returns for what we know to be his final stint as the Green Goliath/skinny scientist guy, and this time he really hits it out of the park. From what I understand, the difference-maker was research. After reading hundreds of Hulk comic books from the 70’s and 80’s, Norton was somehow able to teach himself how to actually BECOME the Hulk. This saved the studio millions of special effects dollars that they were able to put to better use. For one thing, I hear the catering on the set was top notch. Sushi was served at every meal, sometimes up to 5 times a day. Also, gold-plated oranges were served. It’s a pity that everyone threw out the peels, but you can bet there were some happy hobos gathered around the dumpsters outside the lot!

Anyway, part of what makes Stone the definitive Hulk movie is the decision to replace General “Thunderbolt” Ross as the main antagonist. Those fans of the old Bill Bixby show will be delighted to see that the new menace is none other than nosy reporter Jack McGee, played here by the great Robert De Niro. The McGee character made an appearance in the 2008 Hulk, but really, who even remembers that? De Niro’s interpretation of the nasty newsman is so sinister that its impossible to imagine him at a desk in an office talking about Dancing With the Stars with his coworkers. What newpaper could possibly have hired this twisted sonofabitch? What editor would have the balls to keep him in line?

Eventually, we see just how far McGee is willing to take things. In trying to get the big scoop on the Hulk, he throws Bruce Banner into a volcano to see if he changes. When the Hulk does not emerge from the lava, McGee is forced to go to jail for murder. It turns out Banner did change into the Hulk in time to survive, but enjoyed swimming around in the lava so much that he stayed down there for a while. Banner soon starts feeling guilty that his former adversary is constantly being sodomized by convicts, and decides to spring him from jail. Actually, the movie pretty much ends with the Hulk breaking McGee out of prison. The reporter is so touched by this act of kindness that he decides not to pursue the story any more, and leaves Banner and the Hulk in peace.

I guess the movie is called Stone because the Hulk has to smash through some brick walls to get into the jail. Neat stuff.