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Robot Penguin Hoodies Have Arrived!

Friday, September 18th, 2009

So it took a bit longer than expected, but the Robot Penguin Hoodies are finally ready and available to buy! Here’s what they look like:


I am pretty happy with the way they came out! The design is nice and big, and the silver ink is especially shiny! I lucked out when Printmojo told me my original choice for blanks was no longer available, as I really love these Independent Trading Co. Standard Supply sweatshirts. They are nice and soft, they fit well, and the sleeves are a perfect length. The Robot Penguin Hoodies are printed on a unisex style, sizes Xsmall all the way up through XXlarge. We suggest the Xmall for the petite ladies out there, as the these run somewhat big. And here’s the best part…

For a limited time (til the end of September), you can get these shiny Robot Penguin Hoodies for the redonkelous intro price of $29.99! Yes, you heard me right! For about two weeks, you can get these for $5 more than the cost of a t-shirt! But then even the “real” price is pretty damn good. Starting October 1, they will go up to a measly $34.99.

Oh, one other thing I should mention. I only printed 102 of these things!  I already took one for me, one for the wife, and one for sis, so that means there are only 99 of these left to buy! If ya want one, ya better hurry, cuz I currently have no plans for a second run!