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Review: Devil

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Trust me, you’ve never heard of the director or any of the actors in Devil and you never will. Seriously, this whole movie takes place in an ELEVATOR! So you have 5 people trapped in a small space, and whenever the lights go out, someone gets bitten by one of the other people in the elevator. They are all trying to figure out which one of them is doing the biting, and for some reason nobody suspects the big red guy with a pointy tail and horns on his head. That’s right, one of the people on the elevator is the Devil, and this still isn’t and open and shut case! I understand that people often try to be politically correct by not assuming things about people, but….it’s the DEVIL! There’s a little book called the BIBLE which tells all about how evil this guy is. I even think there is a chapter (John 3:16, maybe?) where it explicitly says that you shouldn’t ride on an elevator with Satan because of how likely it is that he will bite you. In a way, atheists are to blame for this awful movie. If it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have to pretend to give the Devil the benefit of the doubt just because he’s carrying a brief case and seems to be minding his own business.  The rise of atheism seems to have a direct correlation with preposterous misrepresentations of Lucifer in cinema. Perhaps if Sarah Palin is ever elected president this will all change, and Hollywood will go back to making classics like Ben-Hur and The Passion of the Christ.