Monthly Caption Contest- Win a FREE T-SHIRT!

Recently, I’ve been looking at some of my old greeting card illustrations and I can’t believe how preposterous some of them are. Some of them are so old that you wouldn’t even recognize the drawing style as something I would have done. Anyway, I thought it would be fun if I had a little contest for Donkeyshines fans to see who can come up with the best caption for some of these wacky drawings. The winner will receive a FREE Donkeyshines t-shirt, any one of their choosing. Have a look at the illustration below and see what you come up with. You can submit as many captions as you like, and you can vote for as many as you like. Get your friends to come and vote, etc. The winner will be determined by whichever comment has the most “Likes” by the 11:59PM of the last day of the month. Being that March is my birthday month, I thought it would be appropriate if the first caption contest would be for one of my birthday card illustrations:


OK, so what do you have to say about this one?



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