Latham Water Tower

I am from a little suburban town outside of Albany, NY called Latham. This is where my formative years were spent. I went to elementary school, junior high and high school there. I fell in both lust and love for the first time there. I ate my first burrito there, saw my first shooting star, got kicked in the balls for the first time, was bitten by a snake for the first time, learned how to ride a bike…you get the idea. Anyway, recently, they tore down my favorite Latham landmark, which was this pair of checkered water towers right off the exit ramp from the highway. Instead of crying about it, I decided to immortalize this glorious structure on a t-shirt:

If you’re from Latham, the Albany area, the tri-state region, or if you just happen to really love water towers or checker patterns or shirts that say “never forget” and have some not-that-serious thing you’re supposed to remember, then you should go to Donkeyshines Jr. and check out the design. It comes on many styles of shirt, including children’s size.

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