A Few More Story Premises

I’m not sure if these are as good as some of the past ones, but I figured I’d post them:

  1. A birdwatcher comes across a purple bear cub in the woods.
  2. Due to strange coincidences, Martha is starting to believe that her daughter’s imaginary friend is actually the ghost of her deceased husband. The only problem is that the imaginary friend happens to be a woman! Desperate for answers, Martha tracks down an old witch doctor that claims he can perform post-corporeal trans-gender operations on spirits who ask for them.
  3. In an attempt to ruin Easter, an atheist candy maker begins making his chocolate bunnies out of real rabbits. When The Pope gets wind of this, he sends his two top Swiss Guard Assassins to stop him. The two skilled professionals are confident they can take out their target, but they foresee a much greater challenge in the mission. Will they be able to share a hotel room without giving in to the uncontrollable lust they feel for each other?
  4. Coach Jenkins discovers that his star basketball player is a former genie. There are no rules against genies playing, but this one happens to be 600 years old and the school charter states that varsity athletes must be under the age of 18. The situation gets even worse when the team captain of the rival school finds the abandoned lamp and plots to put the genie back in it. Jenkins devises an overly complex plan, and sends the rest of his players to deal with the other team. Meanwhile, the coach attempts to charm the beautiful, but humorless school board director so he can convince her to change the age limitation clause. His plan backfires, though, when the director becomes completely obsessed with him. She decides to help the rival captain put the genie back in the lamp, hoping she can make the coach fall in love with her by using one of her three wishes.
  5. A blind man is able to fool the admissions officer of a flight school and begins taking flying lessons. He runs into trouble, however, when they don’t allow his seeing-eye dog on the plane for his first solo flight.
  6. A family of ducks moves into an in-ground swimming pool of a suburban Connecticut home. The human family that lives there thinks the ducks are adorable until one day they look out to see the ducks surrounding the dead body of their next door neighbor.
  7. When a mummy visits a museum, the curator thinks he’s part of an exhibit that is trying to escape. The curator captures the mummy and seals him in a glass case. That night, the mummy witnesses the murder of a night watchman by a masked intruder. He must find a way to get out of his glass prison and solve the crime.
  8. The devil tries to go straight and opens up a sausage shop in a small town. His secret blend of spices wins over the locals right away. However, when a tourist comes down with a case of salmonella and dies, the Feds think Satan is up to his old tricks. They plan a sting operation, and it’s up to the devil’s new loyal customers to clear his name before he gets deported back to hell.


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