Shirt of the Week- Bat and Rat

I realize that bats and rats are not the most popular animals, but this is actually my favorite of the Donkeyshines T-shirts. And for the week of March 29-April 4, you can buy it for $16.99. This is a pretty good deal, as this shirt is printed on super-soft bamboo/organic cotton and is therefore normally priced at $24.99.


I happen to like bats very much, and have even met a few rats that I get along with. I guess I ‘m not the only person who appreciates these animals, as there is a band in the UK called Frodo Freud which sings a song called Rat Bat. This song is not among the ones they have available for download so I have not heard it.  It must be pretty fun, though. Frodo Freud bought Bat and Rat shirts for each band member to wear to one of their gigs. If I lived in the UK, I would certainly have been at that show. Perhaps someday they’ll tour the US.

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