Poison Dart Frog

OK, so after a year and a half of primarily making t-shirt designs using Print-on-demand methods, I’ve decided its time to finally do another screen-printed shirt. I’ll be using Kickstarter to fund the printing cost, but first, I need to figure out which color T-shirt I will be printing it on. I’m going to do a little informal vote for all Donkeyshines fans, to see which of the following three color combos is the most popular.

Banana cream yellow shirt- This provides the most contrast with the graphic. On the other hand, yellow isn’t usually anyone’s favorite color.

Kelly Green T-Shirt- I like the red against the green in the file, but it’s hard to tell whether or not the shirt will actually be so dark that the black legs don’t stand out enough.

Tahiti Blue T-Shirt- Not much to say about this, except blue is a pretty popular shirt color.

OK, everyone! Lemme know what you think! Tell me your color choice in the form of a comment on the Facebook post.

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