Donkeyshines Jr.

As a way to be able to bring you more designs and more product options, I have decided to open up a Donkeyshines sister store, which I am calling Donkeyshines Jr. This store is powered by Spreadshirt, which is a print-on-demand site. One of the pros of POD’s is that you can make almost an unlimited number of products with virtually no initial cost to the designer. There are some compromises that have to be made with this type of set-up. For one, I definitely make less money per shirt. This is fine with me, as it is worth it to be able to offer many varieties of products without having to worry about which colors and styles will be most popular. I can literally make something for everyone when it comes down to it. Another disadvantage, though, is that POD’s can’t offer screen printing. However, the reason I chose Spreadshirt over the other POD sites is that they offer a really nice alternative, called flex printing.  This will be good for new one or two color designs. They also order digital direct printing, which is a noticeable improvement to transfers. With digital direct, I can offer designs with unlimited numbers of colors.  I don’t want to go too much into details with the printing techniques, but I am overall pretty excited about this new store. I love the arrangement I have with Printmojo, and Donkeyshines will still be my main site, but I am happy to be able to expand. Here is a new design I just added to Donkeyshines Jr. yesterday.

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