General Update

There’s a lot going on at Donkeyshines these days. We recently released some cozy, cold-weather clothes with our Robot Penguin Hoodies and our Donkey Pegasus Hats. Now, I am working on a new top secret T-shirt design featuring some squirrels. Even though its top secret, I’ll show you a sketch:


What’s this little guy doing? Looks like he’s hanging from something. Looks like he’s in trouble! I guess we’ll have to wait until the design is completed to find out what’s going on.

The other thing I have been doing is searching for new blank tees to print on. I really love the Continental bamboo shirts, and the Royal Apparel 50/50 shirt used for the Black Cats design is nice, but I am thinking about alternatives to the American Apparel style I currently use for many of my designs. I like some things about AA, of course. It is nice that their shirts are soft and made in the USA in sweatshop-free factories and all that. I’m just not so sure about the way they fit. On me, they are tight in the chest, but then bag out by the waste instead of tapering. Some of my customers find them too tight as well. I really love how the bamboo shirts drape, and ideally, I would print all my designs on them. The problem is, the Continental line only has a few colors. Also, bamboo is more expensive. So now I am looking into other companies with bamboo lines such as Jerico and Onno Textiles, as well as some other cotton lines from Next Level Apparel, Royal, and Kavio. It might seem tedious, but I actually enjoy shopping for blanks! I look forward to getting samples from all these companies and being able to compare the softness and colors. Its gunna be awesome.

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