More Story Premises!

OK, I am finding that coming up with these stories loosens up the brain and helps me be more creative. It also gives me a rest from painting and drawing which is sometimes necessary to recharge the batteries. So here are 5 premises I came up with today. I hope you find them amusing:

  1. The principal of an underachieving public school offers the reward of a class field trip to Devil’s Tower, Wyoming for the class with the highest average test scores. Believing that the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” is based on a true story, one 10th grade biology teacher is desperate to win. She invents a potion that is supposed to make her students more intelligent. The students do grow smarter, but there are some strange side effects. It makes their skin turn green-ish gray, their eyes become large black and lidless, and all of their hair falls out. The teacher now fears that the aliens at Devil’s Tower will feel like they’re being mocked because of her class’s appearance!
  2. When a rich dragon moves to town, the politically correct mayor tries to outlaw the playing of the game Dungeons and Dragons. A group of teens continues to play in secret, but when they are spotted in the woods enacting a medieval battle, their game is mistaken for a plot to kill the dragon. It turns out the mayor is actually trying to set the teens up. He plans to kill the dragon himself, steal the treasure, and frame the teens for it.
  3. A man with a terminal illness decides to take control of his situation by arranging what he considers to be a more noble demise for himself. He takes a trip to the Sunderbans in India with the intention of encountering a hungry tiger in the wilderness. He has always loved this majestic beast and thinks he actually was one in a past life. As irony would have it, just as he is about to confront a large male Bengal, he is attacked by a crocodile! The ravenous tiger does not stand for this, and dives into the pond to fight for his food. The two animals kill each other, and the man is left alive to once again ponder his fate.
  4. Bob begins attending Clown College only to find that the school is actually a front for a mysterious cult. Members engage in bizarre rituals such as juggling, riding tiny tricycles, and hitting each other with pies. Bob decides it is up to him to bring down this twisted organization, and he starts a blog dedicated to exposing their secrets. It turns out that Bob hadn’t ever seen a clown before and didn’t know anything about them. He eventually realizes that what he witnessed at the college was perfectly normal clown behavior. Unfortunately, this revelation comes too late, as he has already ruined the dean’s life by publicizing his extramarital affairs.
  5. An eccentric billionaire passes away, leaving her entire estate to her 12 kangaroos. The “non-kangaroo” members of her family object, but a judge rules that the will is valid. He then puts in motion a plot that has him don a kangaroo costume and murder the eldest of the heirs. In doing so, he discovers that one of the kangaroos is actually the old woman herself in a costume! She had set the whole thing up as a way to deprive her ungrateful children of her fortune. Overcoming an initial distrust of one another, the judge and the billionaire eventually fall in love. They vow to never remove their costumes, and to never speak another word in any human language for the rest of their lives.


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